Saturday, September 29, 2007

Figure Drawing...

I haven't drawn from a live model in a very, very loooong time. Bare with me as I try and find my foundation. Anyways, the poses and times vary...oh and I did some doodles of faces at the very bottom. Apologies for the lack of is still crazy busy.

"la Muerte te escojio"


Pointpusher said...

I love the third one from the top especially. You have such an amazing style Willie, you're one of my real inspirations for sure.

13toon's said...

very nice work, can't wait to see whats next. bye 4 now

chicoQ said...

es: "la Muerte te escogio"
good luck

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I missed life drawing that night! The wandering line thing - the exagerated curves are really looking good. Your style is heavy brother.

The characters at the bottom are chevre. Nice lower detail on character d! Maniac

sauer said...

I miss drawing from life so much... These are great man!! i love the face of that girl on the last one.

Peter Emmerich said... always....

Alena said...

Nice Willie! I love how you emphasize your lines!

Fabian Molina said...

Willie = Great stuff man! I just got a job at the AAU as a lab tech at 540 powell. I see your stuff on the walls and just want to say that your work is great! Love checking your blog.
Ill be at the life drawing workshop tomorrow for sure!

Diana said...

Egon Schiele may have died but clearly he was reincarnated in you. Willie, your life drawings are a true inspiration.

jane jane said...

Willie! Stop making me look bad a figure drawing! Your style & work kicks buttocks, as usual!

Bill Ferguson said...

These have a great Eagon Scheila feel!

seamas said...

great stuff again, man--love your style...:)

Dan said...

wow man, fantastic shapes and exaggeration in these. impeccable!


Hey Willie, great drawings here...very very cool style.


Dustin d'Arnault said...

Hey man i am loving the drawings your doing, your inks are ridiculously on point man. Do you use a micron or a traditional pen nib?

Bryan Wynia said...

The motion and life in these drawing are amazing!

Yenping Chen said...

great works

dicet said...

dios mio!
dibujos excelente!

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