Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sad Monsters n Apes n stuff

Hey! Look what came in the mail the other day =] It's the 'Sad Monsters' book I worked on a while back with super funny writer, Mr. Frank Lesser. I had a lot of fun illustrating some of the hilarious characters in this book... and it's my first cover! You can come by APE on Oct 1-2 in San Francisco where I'll have some of the originals on display at table #701. I'll also have a few copies you can check out (maybe even some for sale?). You can pre-order some right now via amazon, powell's (yup, that awesome store in portland) or other fine retailers at the bottom of the Sad Monsters website.

steven colbert!!! whaaat!!?? ...that's just bananas.

here's the inked drawing next to the final

...a chupacabra who's good at ballroom dancing.

godzilla feeling under the weather (sorry, i couldn't help myself ;)

a stay at home genie

and a couple of details from other illustrations in the book.

got caught!

So yeah, come by table #701 at APE and say hi. I'll be there sharing a table with my tag team partner who makes these adorable little cards you just want to eat up. I hear the google doodlers are in the house as well... a super crew of artists I have the lucky chance to work with. Anywho thats plenty of chatter from this box! Hope to see you guys there! -willie

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Chocolate Milk. It's Good For You

One more quick post before I'm off to dream land. Chocolate Milk was the topic over at drawforce this month-ish =] What better way to enjoy your chocolate milk than in your tighty whities. Pure happiness.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Rio art and development

Oh man, apologies for such a long time without posting anything. A new job and a new home can take a lot out of you... but alas that's no excuse... I'll try and be better. By now you might've seen 'Rio' which was the last released film I worked on at BlueSky. Well I visited some friends who are still there last week and it reminded me of how much fun that place was. So many talented folks and soo much inspiration oozing out everywhere. Just wanted to share some of my favorite assignments on that project... Hope you enjoy =]