Wednesday, November 17, 2010

fernando and an imaginary bud

hey guys, i'm soo excited for ctn... really looking forward to meeting up with old friends, colleagues and some fun in the california sun. i wanted to sneak in another post before the weekend... i'll be away for a while but here's a color study i did for a personal project called 'fernando and his imaginary friend'. not crazy about the title but it's still very early...

kitchen set- color study & rough scale

you might remember these guys from long ago... ralf & fernando.

brush pen

above are some drawings i did while waiting at grand central station. that place is amazing every time and it's such a good place to sketch. i meant to put them up a few posts ago. see ya soon!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

a little color please

Hello! Sorry for the delay on responding or posting. I've been hibernating in my studio trying to get ready for CTN along with finishing up some freelance work. I've been developing personal work and trying to add some color to my portfolio...
left to right - Trot, Button Bright & Cap'n Bill

Above is my take on characters from Frank Baum's fantasy novel called 'Sky Island'. Like his Oz books the Sky Island world lends itself well to visual development. Doing characters in full color is a process I'm still developing and wanting to get better at... Below is a moment in the story where Button Bright is looking for his magical umbrella in the evil rulers treasure chamber, that of course is guarded by a blue wolf =] Hope you enjoy and please, any feedback is always welcome. Thanks.

the treasure chamber