Thursday, November 07, 2013


... an original piece I just finished for an upcoming show at Q Pop in los angeles on november 16th. (next saturday... the weekend of ctnx!) i'll admit I wasn't much into japanese sc-fi growing up but it sure is fun to look at. the designs are bananas. come by if you're in town and/or enjoy the piece below :)

'boo-yow!' pen & ink 12x16

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

the boulders

meet the boulders. a family of rocks, sharp and soft who can't move much but they look out for each other, protecting themselves and their buds. it all started with inktober... an ink drawing a day for the month of october. an old bud started it back at bluesky and i've always wanted to partake, but an ink drawing a day seemed fanciful (to me). i finally committed to doing it last month and while abstract at first, the drawings slowly turned into these guys and gals. (below are some favorites. not all of the drawings made this post)  

 the boulders

ricardo boulder



sally (the ghost)

and last but not least, miguel.