Saturday, September 22, 2012

book in the works!

I'm putting a book together for APE (table 620B w bud Mike Lee) and CTN and I've got to say, it is HARD. It's very nerve-racking... guess I know now why I held out for so long. I'm reluctant to call it a sketchbook because it'll be filled with drawings, color studies, life sketches, willie randomness and other whatnot's so it'll be more of a... thought book? Journal? yeah...

 absolutely love drawing bikes... so there'll be those in the book

and some color studies etc

... and whatnots.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ghana Trip

Hey guys, I just wanted to switch it up a bit and share pics with you all from a recent trip (that I was very lucky to take!).

I want to give a huge thanks to The Picture Book Project, whom I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Ho, Ghana with this summer. It was a true honor to represent the artists who donated their time and their art to the ‘Art Blocks for Ghana’ auction and PBP’s coloring book. Seeing first hand the extraordinary contributions everyone made was humbling. The impact is evident and the kids benefiting from all of it are so appreciative. They’re filled with endless amounts of energy, curiosity, excitement, and a desire to learn and absorb. Not to mention loads of creativity... all while growing up in an environment that can be very challenging. Their perseverance to keep moving forward is contagious and I can’t express how humble and proud I was to be a part of it all.

neighborhood kids swinging by to say hi

showed him one of my handshakes =)

that's sammy

edem, noble, constance, ema, sammy & patricia

alolo scoping out the bus

on our way to a monkey sanctuary

alolo dressed to impress on the field trip

the monkey king

noble feeding the monkey a banana

making our way to wuli falls

wuli falls

the rock faces were spectacular

romeo having a good time

emanuel and richard

sammy taking a break from futbol

wulasi better late than never ;)

precious and I hanging out on the sidelines

george (the ice cream man) and sister!

storm clouds looming

this guy got caught!

'mama josephine' of the hopkins foundation

sammy and crew eating lunch at the local futbol stadium

ema having a great time

sammy up close and personal

having fun with the kids

showing noble some of my new jams

these kids were fast! hard time keeping up with them

princilla had the right idea




playing a round of simon says

richard dancing in the rain

ema taking a break from using his 'man-power' to pound out fufu



some of the kids waiting around for a big group shot

sam the man & will the thrill