Tuesday, February 19, 2013

travels... sneak peak

i've been doing some traveling and sketching... above is just a taste. i'm off to new orleans in the morning... where i plan to sketch and sketch and sketch! when i get back i'll post ALL of it :) by the way if you use your noggin' i highly recommend visiting mexico. it's gorgeous, enchanting and very inspiring. and there's plenty of good tequila -willie


Scribbler said...

Fantastic sketching!

Señorita Tejon said...

Oh man!! you were visiting Mexico!!?
Did you pass by Guadalajara!!?!
It would have been so cool to see you sketching on these streets!
I would love meeting you in person (I hope this doesn't sound creepy) but all you guys (awesome artists) are like celebrities to us (:
Cheers! and I hope you enjoy your trip.
Please visit more often!

Señorita Tejon said...

Oh man! you were visiting Mexico?!!!
Did you pass by Guadalajara??!!!
It would have been so cool to meet you in person! (I hope this doesn't sound creepy) it's just that all you guys (awesome artists) are like celebrities to us!
Anyway hope you enjoy your trip!
Please visit more often!! :)

Tooninator said...

I always get excited when you post. So good.

SubwayCat said...

you rule willie

N.Hall said...

you're amazing Willie :)

willie real said...

thanks you guys! glad you like em... more are on the way.

Senorita Tejon, gracias! I did spend a few days in Guadalajara... con familia :) and of course stocked up on tortas ahogadas, y tacitos de lengua. mmmm! hopefully i can return soon :)

Anonymous said...

These are so sweet! Love your stylization of the church :)