Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Rio art and development

Oh man, apologies for such a long time without posting anything. A new job and a new home can take a lot out of you... but alas that's no excuse... I'll try and be better. By now you might've seen 'Rio' which was the last released film I worked on at BlueSky. Well I visited some friends who are still there last week and it reminded me of how much fun that place was. So many talented folks and soo much inspiration oozing out everywhere. Just wanted to share some of my favorite assignments on that project... Hope you enjoy =]


Scribbler said...

fantastic work!

Seema Virdi said...

amazing work! the second to last drawing is adorable! i really loved the film :)

Michael Yates said...

Everytime I see a new post from you I get really excited, this was no different! Great Stuff as always.

Junko Miyakoshi said...

Hello Willie,

Thank you for posting this! I absolutely loved the movie and it's always fun and inspiring to see the process :)

Really love your style!!


Tyler Stott said...

These props and set pieces are super great.

Juny Chen said...

ohh, Willie, these are awesome. I still hoping to have a chance doing direct study with u cause I love your works very much. :)

Betsy Bauer said...

Great work, Willie! Hope all is well on your end over in San Fran!

Kendra Melton said...

sooo good.

Juan Carlos Porras said...

Finally!!! So Awesome!!

Juan Carlos Porras said...

Finally!!! So Awesome!!!

"TORI CAT" said...

Hey Willie!!
I too worked on Rio, Back in 2007 as a Vis Dev artist!
You may remember me??
(I had just graduated from the UK and had spent the last year making my own 2D short which was also set in Rio.)

So great to see some of your concepts and designs for Rio. Really great to see every one's magic in the planning stages, which initially helps bring the film to life.

Love you work!!
Especially loving the top pic, the establishing shot of RIO!

Where are you working now?
hope al is going well?

I certainly agree, that the Blue Sky Studio is bursting with creative talent and it was an honour to be included in among that.

All the best to you,
Best wishes and kindest regards,

Stephan Royer said...

stunning! Thanks for posting, my kids and I really enjoyed the movie.

Sukanto Debnath said...