Monday, June 06, 2011

The big move

Bloggers!... apologies for my major hole in posting. A lot has been happening in these parts the past couple of months. In brief, I moved from NYC to San Francisco (where I'm originally from) to start a new gig with Google! I'll be illustrating the logo you guys see every day along side some very cool cats who can 'doodle' their pants off. I'm super happy to be home =]

I've received some inquiries and a lot of great feedback on the spoons I recently worked on... I'll be posting those up for sale shortly so stay tuned. Thanks for your guys patience! See ya soon! =]



Charles Eubanks said...

Whoa, congratulations! I hear Google is an awesome place to work. Looking forward to seeing your take on their logo!

Juny Chen said...

:D welcome back to SF!!
guess u must be very busy to adapt the new company, but, i m sill highly interested if i can have a direct study with u, so, please write me back. :)
have a good one.

Kendra Melton said...

What a cool opportunity! good luck on your new adventure. btw those spoons are awesome

Atsushi said...

Whoa! Congratulations!

Franklin Lei said...

Hey congrats on the new opportunity, hope to see more work soon!

Laura Dubuk said...

ahh so cool. good luck on the move!

jimmyjames said...

congratulations on the big move. blue sky will miss you. can't wait to see your master creations

Unknown said...

Wow!! What a good news!! although.. I really like your stuffs for BLueSky :( !! But I'm sure you´ll keep us post with amazing art as usual :D
Can´t wait to see the logos designed by you!
Please, keep us post about the spoons, I'm really interested in one :D