Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Mocca 08

Here are some pics from last saturday at Mocca in NYC. It was scorching hot but plenty of people still came by and showed their support. Both OOP volumes 1 & 2 sold very well and plenty were signed by a hand full of us who attended.

Yup, it was soo hot that I started seeing speech bubbles.
The crew arriving bright and early...
...and setting up.
We had some curios cats come by before doors opened, while Peter and Lizette sat and waited.
The view.
Jason Sadler signing away.
Nash Dunnigan doing his thing.
Lunch break with some good buds and a man behind a 'censor' curtain...


Chad said...

Jake didn't show? good looking book...would love to go to mocca some day.


Sam Bradley said...

Would've loved to have been able to make it out for this!

Finally got my own copy of oop2 though - it turned out great. Loved your story! Hoping you guys do an oop3! :)

Francis Vallejo said...

congrats on the book! that hold on piece below is great!!!!