Wednesday, June 04, 2008

extra! extra! OOP2 is here!

Just a heads up.... OOP2 hit the shelves yesterday! Pick a copy up for yourself... and maybe one for your pops as well. Anyways, we'll be at Mocca this weekend signing copies (I know, i'm pinching myself) so if you're in the city come on by. Congrats guys and gal! 


Ricardo Vicens said...

Congrats the on the new book! You (along with the other Blue Sky crew) have been consistently banging out great work.

Thanks for always posting new inspiring work.javascript:void(0)
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Emil said...

Hi Willie,
Great blog! keep up the good work!!

it was really nice meeting with you at AAU a few weeks ago!



C.Deboda said...

Another 'must-have' book. Lookin good!

Ricardo Betancourt said...

I just read your story in oop2. Looooooved it!!!!! Great job on that, and thanks for sharing your MONITOS with us :)

RAWLS said...

Looks great dude!

.Jon Garaizar. said...

all this stuff looks great. i'd buy the book, right now. but i am broke.

C.B. Canga said...

nice works. i really like your style.

Anonymous said...

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