Monday, June 20, 2011

The Spoon Show

sold out

Hey everyone, thanks so much for your patience. I know some of you were interested in buying the spoons I worked on so here they are... an art opening of sorts. Without the snacks and the beverages of course... although, I am having a glass of wine tonight if you'd like to join me in honor of 'The Spoon Show' =]

If you'd like to purchase a spoon (or a drawing below) e-mail me at I will respond (on a first come, first served basis) with a confirmation e-mail where we can get pay-pal started. Once the funds are accepted I'll ship the work to you. Pretty simple.

Enjoy the show and again thank you for your interest and support!

1. Clark - 10.5 x 2.5 $200 sold

2. Sam - 2 x 8.75 $125 sold

3. Alek - 2 x 8.75 $125 sold

4. Franklin - 4 x 9 $180 sold

5. Harry - 5 x 9.5 $200 sold

6. Gustav - 4 x 9 $180 sold

7. Anne - 2.25 x 8.5 $125 sold

8. Joy - 2.5 x 6 $125 sold

9. Megs - 6 x 9.5 $200 sold

10. Mustache Man - 8 x 8 $200 sold

11. Space Man - 8 x 8 $200 sold

12. Figure 3 - 5 x 7 $125 sold

13. New Kicks - 8 x 8 $200 sold

Thanks again! I look forward to doing more of these spoons very soon so stay tuned =]

all artwork on this blog unless otherwise stated is copyrighted by willie real 2011


Bruno Assis Fonseca said...

everything looks beautiful and instantaneous associated with Willie Real's line style.

vicki said...

I want Sam!! pretty please?
:) vicki

vicki said...

I want Sam!!! pretty please??
:) vicki

willie real said...

thanks bruno

got you covered vicki =]

thanks for the support guys and gals! almost everything is sold =D awesome feeling... now i want to do more of these guys.

coquillaud lilian said...

it's magic. I always like so much your style

Xavier Yabut said...

Awesome work!

Denyse said...

...very unique style. I love it.

Clenoro said...

I guess you ever know about Carlos Baena blog. And after I saw this blog, both of blog has a different way of presenting the photos, but both have similar touch about a professional presentation on their article

Don Flores said...

Love this stuff. I was inspired by these today and did this on my sketch group blog.