Thursday, October 01, 2009

New Header!

You might notice the new header above along with my blog's new name... 'Dibujos, The Art of Willie'. Dibujo's means drawings in spanish and the little delivery truck is bouncing along delivering (or littering) my drawings all over this blog for you to see =]

I've been a busy bee lately and promise to post more as my schedule allows. I'll start off with some figure drawings from the workshop that's held at the studio. Figure drawing is soo good for you...I highly encourage it. Until the next post! -willie


Jesse said...

Good stuff Willie.

Ricardo said...

These are great. I especially like the new header. I myself don't even hesitate to use Spanish whenever I can, so I all for it. haha

B Roy said...

Very nice work on this blog. I really dig the new banner.

~Brian Roy

Tibo3D said...

Hello from Paris!
Yes!New sketches!coooool!!

It's nice to see new work!thank's

See you!

Rocca said...

Wow, man! You job is Fabulous! I found your blog in Terrible Yellow Eyes blog. I really really like!


Alina Chau said...

Love the new banner, and the figure drawings are great!

Arthur Fong said...



Wayne B. Medina said...

very charming header willie