Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Digital sketch/painting

I was trying to paint with oils the other night and I learned a few important lessons, one of them being there is no undo. I succumbed to the cintiq and got this...

Hopefully I will get the chance to post an oil someday.....someday.


RAWLS said...

Have you ever had those moments when working with traditional tools, like paints or pen and paper, and when you make a mistake, a millisecond thought whizzes through your mind... " ctrl z"???
Sadly... I have.

Anonymous said...

what power does that guy have?
Can he fly?
Is he like the Flash?
Super strength?

He has ctrl z!!!!!!!!!!!!

(can you freakin' imagine)

pointpusher said...

reminds me a little of Talib Kweli Nice to see something a left for you man. Congrats on IA3 too sir!

Anthony Holden said...

This is great--nice palette and expression.

williereal said...

ctrl z man! lol i wish.
thanks pusher of the points. i miss your talent friend. oh! i've been taking the kona out...awesome!

Mini Me said...

you make me punch my face sometimes.

jimmyjames said...

just awesome willie.

Francis Vallejo said...

would love to see some oils man!!!! sweet piece

Wayne B. Medina said...

dang...i always love how digital paintings have that painterly look. sick stuff willie. heh i wish i had a cintiq..so is it true that it feels natural like drawing traditionally?

"TORI CAT" said...

Awww, it may not be a traditional oil painting, but its still a really lovely painting. :)

I know that feeling oh so well, when you make that dramatic slip of the paintbrush and realize its going to take a good few hours to correct it.... D'oh!!!

The wonders of digital painting have allowed us to become almost lazy and care free wiv our creations.... not to say that this is a bad thing... just think of it as another medium, like chalks or oils or acrylics!!

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Thanks for sharing.
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Anonymous said...