Tuesday, September 30, 2008

drawforce is back!

yessir...and to get things started we turned to the man bat who never lets us down. here's the blog and here are the contributors....so far....
jake parker

peter nguyen

mike lee

vincent nguyen

willie real


Ivan Aguirre said...

haha, this is sweet, Cool stuff on your blog, I also check out your website, you some sweet stuff, love your line quality on your tradigitional drawings.


RAWLS said...

Go Drawforce!! Great stuff my friend. You guys rock!

Lettie Lo said...

batman is the shit!

willie real said...

batman IS the shit =]

Little Pocket Universe said...

love it.

PS - WTF where is my schetch n' stuff of Monsters eating a cupcake?? Inspired by Benjo's quote when asked what he dreamed about during his nap "I dream about monsters eating a cupcake"

Unknown said...

lol¡ really good ,all of then¡
you really ROCK¡¡guyz yeesss¡

Jason Barnes said...

willie yours is amazing! hilarious too. you've got such a unique style. i'm envious.

Gulzar said...

as amazing as ever! all the best for Bluesky bro!

go kick some rudy pooh monkey crap bad ^@%* hahahahha!

take care

jimmyjames said...

woohoo!! so cool. i've wishing and hoping that the site would be back up and running soon.. love the new posts.

Tobias Schwarz said...

great! love the first one.