Thursday, July 17, 2008

totoro forest project

Word is out and the site is up! The Totoro Forest Project is an amazing project and a wonderful looking site...check it out. Here's the description I submitted for the piece I contributed...

The supernatural feel of Totoro and the playful spirit they bring make me reminisce to when I was a child. ‘Imaginary’ friends, excavating my backyard, hide and seek, all of these fun activities were part of my daily routine. Recent news of floods around the world that have devastated peoples lives, interrupted children’s daily routines have deeply saddened me, so I wanted to do a piece where my Totoro are acting as guardians, protectors to these children.

'Hold On' 10x21 Tradigital (pencil, pen, ink and a computer)

Everyone's work looks really great...I can't wait to see it in person. It's been my pleasure.


Anonymous said...


andre medina said...

wow! I saw your character design interview on the character design blog and i was blown away by your work!! your work is awesome! You may also know a few of my friends, Antelmo and PJ in the TD dept. at Blue Sky...My friend Bruce Kuie also was an animator there...Anyway thank you so much for looking at my blog!

EL GRANDE said...

Great ideas. Can’t wait to see more.

Joe y Elio

Eli said...

You're an animal. I stand in awe at your story telling and line work.

pointpusher said...

Willie, your artwork is always so warm and well crafted. You're an amazing artist my friend.

Francis said...

Hey Willie. I've been admiring your great work for a while now and it was a pleasure to be able talk to you at San Diego. Keep up the good work!

Francis Yeh

Lisa Tao said...

hey willie :D
i know ur blog from long time agoooo and its such an inspiration!
it was nice meeting u at the con :)

IRene said...

cute cute! your style is really stand out!

Haylee said...

I just wanted to say that I was absolutely blown away by your piece at the auction! I was trying to find you there, but I was told you had to leave early from Francis Vallejo. I'd like to know who you order your pens from, since I've been told they're a bit hard to get a hold of.

Other than than really enjoying your piece at the show, I've really enjoyed your OOP work as well. Beautiful line work! I hope to meet you sometime again and be able to chat with you a bit!

Take care.