Wednesday, April 02, 2008

!!!holy moly!!!

I came to my desk the other day and there it was...all shiny and new smelling. Our first copies of OOP2 had arrived! HOLY's surreal to think that not too long ago we were sweating bullets and losing precious sleep. It was all worth it though. I feel blessed to be able to be part of this book...I've learned soo much from the crew. The printing looks really good too. Thanks fellas and gals. Let's do it again!


Fabianv said...

Thats a great looking book. What is it about? Some sort of expose or graphical novel?

Juan Carlos Porras said...


Hey I heard that book would be a great birthday gift. Just a thought, any way I can't wait to see. Peace Bro!

pointpusher said...


The book really is beautiful and as always, love your style man.