Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Japantown is an amazing place. The one in San Francisco fills me with joy when I visit. When I was back home in SF over the holidays I went by Kinokuniya to replenish my brush pens and to pick up some screentones. These things are a lot of fun! You might ask why not photoshop? Well when I open a sketchbook and I see screentones on an actual drawing or sketch...it blows my mind. It brings charm to the piece. Prehistoric photoshop if you will =]

Nos Vemos!

tinted windows

the owner of the bus with tinted windows


robot_legionnaire said...

I learn something every time I stop by here. Great technique and awesome imagination. Thanks for sharing.

neily-o said...

great volkswagen camper, to bad it's on the blocks.. nice lines man.


Andy Bayer said...

Where do you get your Non-Repro Sketch Pencils? I've been looking, no luck except online stores, and I'm not yet willing to devote my trust to those.

Goro said...

I wanna go there too ^^
Great sketches. Loving your color work as well!

Frasier Olivier said...

trés sympa!

Todd Harris said...

this is awesome. great ob on this. makes me want to go there. great blog you have.

cdeboda said...

Nice stuff!

wintermonkey said...

your drawings are all so inspiring i could sit and look at them for hours.